Magnutto® The Mood Match™ Game

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A2289XXMagnutto® The Mood Match™ Game • SHARPENS SKILLS including perception, memory, storytelling and emotional intelligence • CHALLENGES KIDS to be quick-thinking, creative, learn to listen and work with a group • 2 GAMES IN 1 allow for cooperative and competitive play • LAUGHTER WILL ERRUPT with 4 visually-stimulating scene boards and 30 expression tiles kids will have fun and funny stories to tell • TEACHES KIDS how to build a collective narrative and provoke humor Magnutto® Mood Match™ The Find It! Tell It! Remember It! Game – What if a visual perception game, storytelling challenge and memory contest all came together in a grand adventure that inspired silly stories and boosted kids’ emotional IQ? Players get to find it, tell it, remember it while playing a game board you just gotta see. FUN way to develop the next skills that build EQ. CAUTION: Laughter may erupt! Ages 5+3 PRODUCT FEATURES ONLY • 2 Games in 1 - it can be competitive or interactive • 4 scene boards • 30 expression tiles/ 15 object tiles/ 8 character scoring tiles • 1 double sided score card